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Experience Africa Safaris has been creating safaris for 10 years and focuses on personalised safaris which are put together with creativity and heart. We like to keep our guests off the beaten track and show you the small owner run safaris and “lodges with personality”in unique parts of the countries we specialise in.  We promise to keep visiting, searching and finding those best kept secrets – all with the aim of passing the experiences on to you and ensuring you  get up-close and personal with the African bush and its vast variety of wildlifepersonalities, beauty and birdlife.

We believe that a day on safari is rich with sights, smells, sounds and the emotions they give rise to.  It’s not about the thread count of the sheets, gold taps and chandeliers, or even about racing around the bush ticking animals and birds off a list.  Look up, see, smell and experience!   A safari is an opportunity to reclaim time for ourselves and just BE.

If you would like to remind yourself what a real safari should feel like, try us, we’ll help you Experience it!

Zimbabwe is our heart and soul – this is one country in Africa that offers so much diversity, breath taking scenery and the most awesome game viewing opportunities. With the advantage of being “on the ground” here in Zimbabwe, we can most certainly offer you the best experiences in quality, comfort and game viewing that is available in the country at the time of your enquiry. We are up to date and are in constant contact with all the lodges and hotels to ensure that you are taken to a place that suits you and your holiday requirements. Read More
Zambia is a wild and beautiful country that has the traditional, real, “old style” safari experience that we all dream of. No buses teaming with camera happy tour groups treking around the national parks, no queues at hotel check-in, you do not wait patiently in lines for your “turn” to see that lifelong experience of a lion kill or that lazy leopard lounging in a tree. This is a land where the scenery constantly leaves you in awe – it is untouched and free from the mass tourism stamp. Read More
Never mind being one of the most famous natural attactions in Zimbabwe, it is one of the most famous (and most breathtaking) natural wonders in the entire world. It is the world’s largest waterfall and a sight like no other. A trip to Zimbabwe without a visit to the Victoria Falls, yet another World Heritage Site in Zimbabwe, is truly a wasted trip. Read More
Watch three hungry lionesses striking down an adult buffalo on the banks of the Chobe Riverwhile their anxious cubs huddle together a safe distance away. Get a feel for infinity gazing at the stars in the endless skies of the Kalahari. Listen to the absolute silence of the night in theMakgadikgadi Pans. Smell the first rains mingling with the winter dust on an open plain. This is how Botswana will awaken all your senses. Read More
Mozambique covers 799,380 sq kms, which makes up more land mass than France and Great Britain combined. This country enjoys a spectacular coastline that runs for more than 2,500kms, which provides much of the country’s tourist activity. The multitude of rivers and mountains create a wide and varied range of vegetation that opens itself up to hiking, walking, canoeing, rafting and horse-riding opportunities. The mighty Zambezi River flows through the Cahora Bassa Dam and runs across the central parts of the country, emptying into the Mozambique channel and the Indian Ocean at the 100km-wide Zambezi Delta. Read More
A land as varied as it is beautiful, sunny South Africa offers travellers endless possibilities as they journey through this magnificent country. The picturesque scenery creates the backdrop for a country full of vibrancy and culture, with a warm and welcoming people. From the beauty of the Drakensberg to the flat plains of the Free State, from the unspoiled Garden Route to the wildlife of Mpumalanga, South Africa is a land of unique and mesmerizing beauty. Read More
Private guides are the cream of the safari profession. They are individuals who have a wealth of knowledge and excellent people skills gained through academic training and years of experience. They are genuinely passionate about their work and have the ability to turn a seemingly ordinary occurrence into the highlight of a safari. Their presence throughout your safari ensures the highest levels of personal attention and their knowledge and skills complement those of the resident camp guides. Read More


I am not sure if David has given you feed-back on our holiday or not BUT when people ask me how it was, I simply say it was 10 outta 10. It was all wonderful! I hope that puts it all in a nutshell for you… the boat, the crew, the transport, the flights were fantastic. Thank you SO much for helping arrange such a super holiday. The whole group agrees – SIMPLY TOPS!
Rachel & David May
WOW Debbie, it was absolutely awesome! Victoria Falls Hotel was the least impressive of the lot and that’s saying something! Bumi Hills was just unbelievable, one of the most stunning places I’ve ever seen and our guide was phenomenal. Elephant Camp had the most superb room and the staff there were simply outstanding. Thanks so much! Now I just need to win the Lotto so we can go again!
Mr & Mrs Borland

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